I Like Free Music, and I Cannot Lie

I love music. All kinds of artists, all kinds of genres, whatever I can find… if it’s musical in any way, I’ll probably check it out. That’s just the way I am.

There are some forms of music that I’m not very crazy about. Most country music does nothing for me, and I’m not a huge fan of all the “radio-friendly” pop that’s around these days (although I will, occasionally, find something poppy that does catch my ear.). Believe it or not, I am an a cappella artist, but I don’t really listen to a lot of a cappella music! How weird is that?

Anyway, out of all the genres, artists, styles of performance, etc. that I like, my absolute favorite type of music is FREE MUSIC!

Of course, I’m that way with everything. If you’re like me, you like getting a good deal on something, but you like getting something for NOTHING even better. Am I right? That’s the way I am. I enjoy getting ANYTHING for free, but especially if it’s something that I love, like music.

I recently discovered a great website that allows me to do just that. I was talking to a fellow musician friend of mine online and he was telling me about this great site where you could download all this great music for free. It’s called Noise Trade. So, upon his suggestion, I surfed on over to their site (http://www.noisetrade.com) and took a look. What I found was a very interesting place to discover new music by artists that I might not ever hear on the radio. Very cool!

Now, before you go check out the site in hopes of finding an audio utopia where all of your musical dreams will come true at no cost, let me give a few words of warning. First of all, almost every artist on the site is an independent artist, meaning they aren’t artists that you can just walk into a music store and buy their CD. These are all artists and bands who are pretty much working on their own to build a following, so chances are pretty good that you won’t see too many familiar names. However, almost every artist or band lists artists on their page that they sound similar to, so if you know what you like you should be able to find some new interesting music that you would enjoy upon hearing it.

Second of all, I hate to admit it, but I did have a little trouble navigating through to artists that I might enjoy. They have search boxes for you to look for music according to “genre”, but for some reason I couldn’t really figure out how they work. I found a way around it, though, by clicking around to different artists’ pages and looking at who they might sound like (as described above). By doing this, I found a couple of different bands that I thought might fit the bill. Their pages allowed me to stream and listen to all of the songs before committing to a download… kind of a “try it before you buy it”, except there was no BUYING involved!

From that point on, it was easy. I clicked on their albums and they asked me for my email address and zip code, which I gladly gave them. After all, this is FREE MUSIC we’re talking about here! Soon, I was downloading this music and enjoying it on my mp3 player. It was really that simple. By the way, on each artist page, there is a button where you can “tip” the artist any amount of money you choose (via Paypal). You don’t have to give them anything, but after I listened to a few songs, I was more than happy to tip them a few bucks for a job well done.

Now, you might be sitting there thinking, “Why would a band give away their music for free? Don’t they think that their music is worth more than just a tip?” Being an independent artist myself, I believe I can answer those questions for you: They want to build a following. They want to get their music into the hands of people that will really appreciate it, and they care more about you enjoying their music than making money off of it. And, by giving you the option of “tipping” them, they give you the choice in deciding how much you want to support them. On top of all this, they now have your email address, which will allow them to share more of their music with you in the future, if you so choose. What a great deal!

So, if you are like me and you like music and free things, this might be the site for you. I encourage you to go to http://www.noisetrade.com and check out some of these independent artists. If you hear something you like, download their music and leave them a tip. I’m sure they would appreciate it!

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