Weekend Pun Fix: A Dog Problem

Back in 19th century Munich, the citizens were faced with an unusual problem. The city’s dog population was rising alarmingly, and it was not just little dachshunds, but really big, fearsome hounds. People were afraid to venture out onto the streets for fear of being attacked by packs of hounds.

Eventually, with the help of the army and the police force, the people managed to drive the dogs out of the city and into the surrounding mountains. But soon, the dogs became hungry and descended in great numbers upon the neighboring town of Lieblaten, Germany’s leading paper manufacturer and a place where the paper mills were a major source of employment for its citizens.

When the dogs started breaking into shops for food, the people of Lieblaten fled to Munich to complain. As all the townspeople evacuated their homes, they heard a strange noise coming from the paper mills. Who could be running them?

Then an old man, blessed with the wisdom of age, explained: “The mills are alive with the hounds of Munich.”

Enjoy your weekend, Everybody!

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