Creativity Challenge

Okay… I began this blog several months ago with a couple things in mind: 1) To entertain, and 2) To encourage, inspire, and cultivate creativity. I feel like I’ve done an okay job with the first objective, sharing different things that I find entertaining and funny. And, as a result, many of you have responded in kind, and for that I thank you.

But my other objective (cultivating creativity) has kind of fallen aside. Sure, I’ve shared some of my own music and a few creative ideas, but not near what I set out to do. And let’s not forget: my goal was to inspire creativity in YOU as well.

Therefore, I have decided to issue a creative challenge to myself and to you.

About once a year, I challenge myself to write a song per day for an entire month. This is something that I’ve done for several years now, and I’ve had some pretty good results from the process. Normally I do this in the fall of the year, around September/ October, but this year I have decided to do it in March. Starting tomorrow, I will write 31 songs in 31 days. Throughout the process, I plan on posting the lyrics and stories behind each song right here on the blog each day. That is my challenge to myself. By the way, I fully expect for YOU to give me feedback on my lyrics as we go through this month, okay?  I do need to warn you: what I will be posting each day is the first draft of what I will be writing, so don’t expect perfection.

Now here is my challenge to you: This month, try to express yourself creatively every day and then share it with others. My chosen form of expression is through songwriting, but you can choose any way you like. If your gift is more in the area of visual art (like painting or photography), create something visual each day that expresses what you are feeling, then share it in some way. Maybe you have the gift of being able to write creatively (through poetry, essays, blog posts, etc.). Write something every day and share it through a blog, an email, or social media. You can even get it to me and I might find some way of sharing it for you, if you like.

So, to summarize, this month:

  1. Check out the lyrics I’m posting each day and please comment.
  2. Express yourself creatively in some way each day.
  3. SHARE what you do with others.

The point here is this: BE CREATIVE! Let’s use the gifts that we have to express ourselves and make this world a better place!

See you tomorrow!

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