Song of the Day #26: Whatever You Want

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Doing the right thing is hard. It’s especially hard when you’re surrounded by so much that leads you away from what’s right.

Lately, I’ve found this to be especially true with my children. They are constantly surrounded by a world that teaches them all sorts of things that go against what they are being taught by me and my wife. It’s so easy for them to just go along with what other kids are telling them rather than doing what’s right.

The following song is an example of the attitude we want our kids to have: It doesn’t matter what everyone else does… I’m going to do the right thing, no matter how painful it is.

Whatever You Want
We’re facing trouble every day
pulling us in different ways
Pitting us against each other
and it’s not okay.
There’s a choice to be made:
Follow the path that’s laid,
or try our very best
to create a new way.
We’ve got to do what’s best…
Chorus: You can do whatever you want
Say whatever you want to say
but as for me
I’m gonna do what’s right.
You can be whatever you want to be
Go where you want to go
But as for me
I’m gonna do what’s right.
I don’t want to play this game
of always being the same
we can’t solve anything
by shifting the blame.
I’m not going to push this off on you
I’m going to tell the truth.
It’s up to me to
do what I’ve got to do.
I’ve got to do what’s right…

Stand up for the right thing today!

See you tomorrow!

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