The Importance of Being Eaven

The Gwin Men at the Zoo.

The Gwin Men at the Zoo.

Today (April 28, 2016, as of this writing), my one and only son turns 5 years old. This is a pretty big deal, considering the road that we have traveled together as a family over the past 5 years. 5 years ago right now, my wife and I had no idea that we would ever be parents of a little boy. But as our fostering journey turned into an adoption journey, we discovered the joy of being a “forever family” for Eaven (and, as it turns out, his little sister!).


Lookin' sharp for Easter!

Lookin’ sharp for Easter!

Recently, as I was going back through some of my journals from the last few years, I found the day we found out that we would be able to adopt Eaven. On that day, I wrote a poem to commemorate the occasion, talking about the changes that had taken place and those to come. This little boy turned our world upside down!

There will be a song for Eaven on my upcoming album, but this poem is not the actual lyrics from it. However, it did inspire the song.

What the Future Holds

It all changes in a moment
Life takes an unexpected turn
What I thought I knew was coming
doesn’t matter any more.
It doesn’t matter anymore.

I thought I had all I needed
I thought my life was complete
But then you arrived and my love took you in
and everything changed.

I’ll never forget that day
when you came my way.

What the future holds
is so much better than before
all because you’re here.

And what the future holds
is beyond my control
And that’s a good thing,
because you’re here with me.

God only knows where we’re going.
I don’t know what lies ahead.
But it all looks so much brighter
because it’s different than before.
It’s so much different than before.

I didn’t see this coming.
I didn’t know I’d feel this way.
But when you arrived and my love took you in,
everything changed.

My life’s turned upside down
I’ll never be the same again.
I’m not who I was before
You’ve spun my life around
and that’s a very good thing.

Only God knows what the future holds,
but it looks better because of you.

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