candles-genericMy heart and my prayers go out right now to the families of those killed in the shooting massacre in Las Vegas over this past weekend. As I watch the news and listen to all the commentary, I keep hearing people ask, “Why?”

Over the next several days and weeks, there will be all sorts of speculation in the media that will attempt to answer this question. In fact, there are already fingers of blame pointing everywhere in an attempt to understand or even justify the actions of the man that did this. There will be advocates on all sides, stressing the merits or the drawbacks of gun-control laws (even though all the laws in the world wouldn’t have prevented what happened from taking place).

Through all of the shock and fear that has resulted, and through all of the speculation that will take place, we need to remember one thing: This whole event is the result of EVIL.

It was EVIL that invaded the heart of the man who is responsible. It was EVIL that led this man to acquire the weapons. It was EVIL that hatched the plot inside his head and led him to carefully plan the entire thing. It was the EVIL in this man’s heart that led him to kill (at the time of this writing) 59 people, wound hundreds more, and then take his own life.

PURE EVIL. Nothing more, nothing less.

Pure evil only comes from one place, and that place is NOT Heaven. There is only one being that creates evil just for his own amusement, and that being is NOT God. There is one way that we can fight against this kind of evil, and that way does NOT involve Congress, laws, amendments to the Constitution, or guns.

I ask that you join me now in this fight against evil by joining me in prayer:

Father God,

There are no words that can express the grief that we are feeling right now on behalf of the families that have lost loved ones in this senseless act of evil. Lord, we know that only you can protect us from the evil one, and that only you can direct us in the way we should go. Father, I ask for your blessings upon the families of those who were killed, and for your healing hand upon those who were wounded.

Lord, I also pray for the family of the man who is responsible for this act of violence. I pray that you will comfort them during this time and give them the strength and the faith to trust in you.

I pray right now, Father, for you to be with our nation as we mourn those lost in this tragedy. I pray that this event will be a turning point for us in that we will look to you as a nation for answers, that we will trust in you to lead our country and our leaders. I pray that somehow through this, we will once again become “One Nation Under God.”

Father, once again I ask for your blessings of comfort and strength upon the families of the victims in this tragedy.

Thanks for listening to us. We love you, Lord!


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