Big things brewing in 2018…


Doing a little writing and arranging “old-school”: Handwritten lyrics and transcriptions!

How far into the new year is it still appropriate to say, “Happy New Year”? I’m not sure. As of this writing, we’re almost a month in. However, since this my first post of 2018, I’ll say it anyway: Happy New Year!

I hope your 2018 is going well so far. Broken any resolutions yet? I try not to make resolutions anymore, as my track record is not all that good when it comes to keeping them. One thing I do continue to do each new year, though, is try to reset a bit and look at the opportunities available to me in the coming year.

Looking ahead to 2019 (yes… you read that right, 2019) I realize that I have been making music for almost 30 years! March of NEXT year will mark 30 years since I wrote my first song, and that song opened the floodgates for my creativity that has continued all the way to now.

So, what does all this looking forward mean, exactly? I’m glad you asked. My plan is to release a lot of music and stuff next year. Some of it will be new recordings, while some of it will be archived stuff that’s been sitting in my vaults for years. All will be revealed in due time.

In order for me to carry out these grand plans for 2019, I have to spend much of 2018 preparing all this material. Sure, I’ll be releasing some stuff this year (a new “hymns” collection is in the works right now!), but it looks like most of 2018 will be spent in the studio. Not to worry… I plan to be sharing things with you here and there along the way

Here’s to a Happy and Prosperous 2018!


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