Sunday Songs, Volume Three

shabby-distressed-antique-hymnal-book_1_ece876c7abd2eed72b85bcf7aa0b8b93Although I am a fan of all music (well, almost all… with the possible exception of country music), I have a very special place in my heart for the old hymns that I grew up singing in church. In fact, this love of hymns has led me to take up collecting old hymnals and also going on to casually record a couple of a cappella hymns albums of my own.

Through these recent experiences with the hymns, I have discovered several really cool things that I guess I already knew, but never really noticed.

First of all, people really, REALLY like hymns! Music is a powerful thing, in that it not only entertains us, but also brings memories and experiences to the surface that may have been forgotten. A familiar melody can invoke feelings and emotions that take us back to certain events in our lives, almost like time travel. For many, the hymns remind us of childhood memories like Sunday school, wooden pews, and fellowship with the family of God.

Also, music has a healing power that soothes the soul and brings comfort in times of sorrow. I continue to hear from people who listen to my hymns CDs, telling me how much these songs mean to them, especially when they are struggling. This isn’t ME helping them through this, mind you, this is the MUSIC! It’s a beautiful thing!

It’s because of this power that music holds that I continue to create. It is my goal to make art that has this kind of healing power, whether it’s through my own original material or through hymns that people know and love.

Well, I am pleased to tell you that I now have a new collection of hymns available for you to experience. The third volume of Sunday Songs was released last week as a download, with a physical CD coming out in early January. All the profits from this collection of 15 songs (like the previous 2 volumes), will go to funding my medical mission trip to Malawi in June, 2019. You can listen to it right here:


If you like what you hear, click the BUY button, and also feel free to SHARE this music with someone you think will enjoy it. I REALLY want as many people as possible to experience this album of great old hymns… not just because the money generated is going to a great cause, but because this music truly does have the power to heal.

Check it out, and let me know what you think!

God Bless!


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