Is it already 2020? Happy New Year!

Can you believe that 2019 is gone and we’re already in 2020? I feel like 2019 just flew by, and OH WHAT A YEAR IT WAS!

2019 was an incredibly busy year for me. Unfortunately, this blog was NOT part of that busyness… I have plans to remedy that this year!

Just in case you aren’t part of my email collective or follow me on Facebook, here’s a quick recap of how my 2019 went:

    • In June, I had the blessing of traveling to Lumbadzi, Malawi with my daughter, Hayley, on our annual medical mission trip to Blessings Hospital. This was my 7th trip, Hayley’s 5th, and we traveled there with a group from Chikondi Health Foundation. The trip was very successful, with our medical team performing more surgeries than ever before! You can check out video from the trip RIGHT HERE!
    • Also in June, Hayley and I were able to extend our trip into a “bucket list” visit to Ireland. While there, we got to experience the beauty of God’s creation by visiting the Cliffs of Moher (you can check out the video documentary HERE), Northern Ireland, and Trinity College Library(videos coming soon!). 
    • From mid-Summer through the rest of the year, we saw MAJOR changes in this whole music/ art/ creativity thing that I have been blessed to do! This included the total revamping of my main website, the very successful 5 Days of Original A Cappella Music email campaign, and the official launch of the New Online Shop. 

And now here we are in 2020. I’ve got some pretty big plans for this new year, including another trip to Malawi, a new studio album, a possible lyrics/ poetry book project, and a couple of other exciting things geared toward creatives and sharing their art with the world. More about that later!

Do you have any big plans for 2020? I’d love to hear about them! Reply below or shoot me an email and share:

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