2 Years? Are you kidding me?

This was my reaction when I pulled up this site and looked at my previous post. It’s amazing how time flies, and how much can happen in such a short time. Wow!

Standing in my happy place…

So, what have I been up to over the past two years (besides NOT blogging)? I’m glad you asked.

There have been some big “ups” and some big “downs”, most of which you will hear about later. What I do want to focus on in this post is that we have survived into 2022! Happy New Year!

As we are looking at this new year, my focus is on the future. I’m currently working on a few things in the studio, and my plans are to hopefully (and finally!) have some new music out there for you to hear real soon! In the meantime, I’ve got a ton of music already available on Bandcamp and Spotify, so stream and enjoy!

Of course, I’m also planning to stay a little more active on social media and do a lot more blogging as well, so stay tuned!

So what have you been up to? Please comment below and let me know!

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